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ByLance T. Lee

Oct 28, 2022


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Meta Quest Pro, Facebook parent company’s “most improved” VR headset, went on sale earlier this week – but it’ll cost you a pretty penny. The VR headset, which “enables mixed reality in color” that blends “virtual experience with your physical world”, retails for $1,499.99.

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Meta Quest Pro is the first in the brand’s line of high-end VR headsets. The multifunctional VR and MR device offers high-resolution mixed reality and blends two worlds by allowing you to immerse yourself in the virtual realm without leaving your physical surroundings.

Features include high-resolution sensors that enable full-color mixed-reality experiences, as well as advanced LCDs that deliver sharper visuals and “next-gen” pancake optics.

The Meta Quest Pro includes a headset, two auto-tracking Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, pen tips, partial light blockers, and a charging station. Each controller has three built-in sensors that track their position in 3D space (independent of the headset) to provide a 360 degree range of motion.

Meta Quest Pro controllers can also be used with Meta Quest 2. A standalone pair of controllers ($299.99) will be released later this year. Click here to pre-order the controllers.

Meta Quest Pro features a sleek design, with guided fit, eye tracking, and natural facial expressions.

You can order Meta Quest Pro from Amazon, Best Buy, and Meta.com. Additionally, the Meta Quest Pro Compact Charging Dock ($79.99), Meta Quest Pro VR Headphones ($49.99), and Incase Meta Quest Pro Carrying Case ($119.95) are in sale now. The Meta Quest Pro Full Lights Blocker ($49.99) will be released on November 22.

Meta Quest

Meta Quest

Meta Quest Pro

Price: $1,499.99

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