Which sleep tracking app is right for you?

ByLance T. Lee

Aug 11, 2022

Getting enough sleep is essential for your physical and mental functioning. Unfortunately, many people neglect their sleep and don’t make it a priority. Some reasons for doing so include stress, anxiety, alcohol, caffeine, or a poor sleeping environment.

If you’re worried about your sleeping habits and want to understand what happens when you close your eyes, a sleep tracking app can help. But which one has the best features, like sleep recordings, sounds, music, an alarm, etc. ? The two top-rated sleep tracking apps are BetterSleep and Sleep Monitor; Which is good for you?

What you need to know about BetterSleep

With over 55 million downloads, BetterSleep is definitely a popular sleep tracking app, and it has earned that popularity by offering tons of features. From sleep stories to meditation and music, BetterSleep may be the ultimate app to help you sleep better. Plus, the ability to combine sounds, music, tones, and frequencies to create your own mixes is truly unique. Read on to learn more about the features BetterSleep has to offer.

To download: BetterSleep for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

1. Content of sleep

BetterSleep offers a massive library of sleep content, including stories, meditations, music, sounds, exercises, and breathing techniques. As mentioned above, the BetterSleep app gives you the ability to combine your favorite sounds, music, and beats to create your own soundscapes. This is one of the main features of the app because many people find different sounds comforting. You might want to use it as an app to listen to soothing nature sounds, like the wind in the trees or the waves crashing on the beach. On the other hand, someone else might find it relaxing to listen to the vibe of a bustling city.

Another great feature of BetterSleep is Sleep Stories. With over 100 to choose from, there’s no doubt you’ll find something to fall asleep to. A few of the story categories include science fiction, mystery, fantasy, and even stories for kids. SleepMoves are a handful of gentle exercises and movements to help you get a good night’s sleep. Breathing practices are suitable for day and night, and you can use it as an app to combat stress and anxiety. Finally, there are hundreds of meditations on topics ranging from insomnia and tinnitus to mindfulness and visualization.

2. Sleep tracking

Simple yet effective, BetterSleep’s sleep tracking app does exactly what it says on the box. When you’re ready to sleep, press Sleep, and BetterSleep starts recording. Once you’ve started recording, you can change your wake-up time, alarm tone, and snooze.

Unfortunately, you can only pause and play your current sound mix, which is slightly inconvenient. A better option would be the ability to choose soundscapes while you’re in sleep tracking mode. Instead, BetterSleep asks you to stop recording and go back and select the sleep content you want to listen to.

3. Sleep diary

BetterSleep provides comprehensive sleep analysis which you can find in your sleep diary. Here you have a record of your sleep quality, time spent sleeping, sleep stages and sleep logs. Your sleep quality count changes each night based on certain details, such as your sleep and wake times and nightly interruptions.

Below there is a graph displaying your different stages of sleep throughout the night such as REM, light and deep sleep. Sleep records are perhaps the best part of your sleep diary. The app records your sleep and picks up certain sounds that may interfere with your sleep quality. In the morning, you can have fun listening to the recordings of the previous night.

What you need to know about sleep monitor

Sleep Monitor might not have as many downloads as BetterSleep, but it might be the best all-in-one sleep tracking app. This app can track many aspects of your sleep, including your sleep trends, habits, stages, efficiency, and more. Along with detailed sleep analysis, Sleep Monitor provides a generous library of lullabies and tips and tricks for better sleep. Below are the main features that you can use in the Sleep Monitor app.

To download: Sleep Monitor for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

1. Sleep tracking

By far the most impressive feature that Sleep Monitor has to offer is the sleep tracking tool. Before you start tracking, you have the option to add your favorite sounds and sleep factors or perform a breathing exercise. Sleep factors are a great addition as these items can positively and negatively impact your quality of sleep. A handful of these sleep factors are caffeine, pain, alcohol, stress, exercise, and sleeping pills.

When you’re done, press start sleep to start recording. You can then pause, play or edit your sleep sounds; set a sleep goal; display the current noise level; and add sleep notes. If you wake up multiple times to go to the bathroom or drink water, you can document this in the sleep notes section.

Your sleep records on Sleep Monitor are incredibly complex, with detailed insight into your sleep from every angle. Here you have everything you need to know about your sleep records, such as your sleep quality, sleep data, sleep goals and sleep sounds. Each section of your sleep records contains detailed data. For example, your sleep data provides you with the exact time you fell asleep, when you woke up, sleep duration, ambient noise, REM sleep, and the time it took to fall asleep .

After all the data is analyzed, the app gives you a sleep score for the night based on all of your sleep factors. The Tendencies The tab on Sleep Monitor provides you with a weekly or monthly breakdown of your sleep duration, regularity, hours, efficiency, surplus, goals, environmental noises and ratings.

3. Sleep sounds

Unfortunately, Sleep Monitor app’s library of sleep sounds is not as large as that of BetterSleep. However, this will probably be enough to meet your needs if sleep sounds are not so crucial to your sleep. Sleep sounds offer many categories. It is an application containing breathing exercises, ASMR and nature sounds, music and meditation. If you want to better prepare your body for rest, it is best to choose a gentle guided meditation session. Alternatively, if your perfect lullaby is a purring cat or a crackling campfire, take a look at the ASMR options.

Comparison of BetterSleep and Sleep Monitor

BetterSleep offers a huge selection of customizable sleep content with a simple sleep tracker and diary. Moreover, BetterSleep app has limited free content and premium subscription has a higher cost.

With comprehensive sleep tracking and recordings, Sleep Monitor gives you deep insight into your sleep patterns, but its library of sleep sounds is somewhat lacking. The Sleep Monitor app also has a lot of content locked behind a paywall, but the premium subscription is really cheap.

Which sleep tracking app is right for you?

Using a sleep tracking app is an amazing way to use technology to your advantage. So which app should you download – BetterSleep or Sleep Monitor? Ultimately, finding your dream sleep tracker comes down to your preferences!

For those who prefer a massive library of sounds, stories, and music for sleep, go with BetterSleep. For those who want to focus more on tracking and recording sleep data, opt for Sleep Monitor.

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