Why Every Valorant Player Needs TRN’s Valorant Tracker App

ByLance T. Lee

Jul 13, 2022

If you’ve played Valorant enough to know your flashes from your spikes, you’ll want to play with Valorant Tracker installed. This real-time in-game tracking solution will give you a tactical boost by compiling your stats to keep you ahead of the competition at every turn. It’s perfect for any Valorant player – from the casual curious to the budding professional.

Entering a high-stakes game like Valorant without the aid of a tracking app means you’ll be at a significant disadvantage to those with a bit more experience. With a tracker installed, you can see at a glance all the data you need to refine your game, improve your abilities, and advance through those ranks. Even highly skilled players sometimes need a little guidance.

So why use TRN’s Valorant Tracker specifically and not a website or your own experience? One word: Convenience. This app is designed to integrate seamlessly into the Overwolf engine, giving you the stats you need at your fingertips without causing annoying lags, delays, or issues. You can put all your effort into getting your A-game to the next map.

Reaching the top of your game with Valorant Tracker couldn’t be easier. Your stats will be clearly displayed alongside your rank, progress, match history, and just about anything else you can think of. Compare your games, see what went wrong and where your skills were at their best, and watch how you climb the ranks. Although they can’t perfect your aim, it’s up to you.

They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, and with Valorant Tracker it’s easy to keep tabs on both. The statistics of teammates and opponents are visible and comparable to yours, and you will always have access to your Valorant trajectory for life.

With an ever-growing list of Agents and weapons, the Valorant Tracker can help you make those crucial decisions in a split second. You’ll soon be able to see which Agents suit you best and which ones play to your strengths, but you can also explore the vast Valorant database if you’re in the mood to try something new. From shiny weapons to chaotic characters, you’ll find all of Valorant’s latest items and upgrades reviewed by players like you. Plus, you can build your knowledge between games, explore factors like body part-specific damage stats and first-shot accuracy for each weapon, and study elevation changes and spawn barriers. on each card.

Statistics and community

If you like to keep tabs on the world of stats, the Insights Tracker is packed with specific information that accurately reflects global player averages. This includes pick rate and K/D ratio for all agents. By using the Lineups feature, you can also trust the community to share their best and brightest ideas. Simply choose an objective, map, and agent (or cycle through any combination) and find a guide to help you hone your skills. If you feel confident in your own abilities, you can also share your comps quickly and easily with other players.

The community aspect of Valorant Tracker is one of the most useful elements for any enthusiast looking to improve their gaming skills and enjoyment. The Group Finder (LFG) section of the app will allow you to quickly and easily find players of a similar skill level to party with and climb the ranks. Post yourself and your stats and allow the band to come to you, or recruit directly from the LFG page.

A chart page in Valorant Tracker showing some stats

Valorant Tracker is completely free and allows you to create your own profile to share your results, guides and ideas with others on the platform. Running it through Overwolf means you’ll also be helping app developers live their best lives, so that’s always a bonus. They have a long history of empowering app makers like those at TRN to bring their ideas to life with the team, tools, and enthusiasm to produce something truly brilliant.

Safe and sound

Sounds too good to be true? We promise you it’s real. And to put you further at ease, Overwolf has tested the Valorant Tracker app to an inch of its life to make sure you’ll never get banned for using it during live games or any other time. Each of their supported apps goes through a detailed testing process where they guarantee that you will be safe from bans, data misuse, and the threat of downloading an unnecessary app.

As with all the best apps, Valorant Tracker is a quick and easy addition to your gaming arsenal. Just download, install, and play. Over 1.5 million agents are already using the app, and their freshly redesigned mobile app will ensure you have a fighting chance even when you’re on the go.

For access to Valorant Tracker and a host of other game-enhancing apps, features, and mods, download Overwolf for PC today and join the community.

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