Woolworths tops app download league

ByLance T. Lee

Oct 31, 2022


Credit: David Veksler via Unsplash.jpg

Woolworths, despite rival Coles spending nearly $12 million more on digital advertising over the past three years, leads in app downloads.

Data from market intelligence firm Sensor Tower and its digital ad spend tracking platform Pathmatics shows that the Woolies app has seen over 3.5 million downloads between 2019 and 2022 to date compared to 2 million at Colles.

Coles has spent nearly $55 million on digital advertising between 2019 and 2022 to date. During this period, Coles spent $2 million to promote garlic bread and parmesan over a two-week period, which was one of their best-performing advertisements.

Woolies spent $43 million over the same three-year period. Woolies spent $740,000 in one day promote a COVID safe message encouraging shoppers to shop through their app.

Tom Cui, MD APAC at Sensor Tower says: “Over the past three years, there have been significant changes in the way consumers shop, accelerating the move towards digital shopping and this trend is only going to continue. It has never been more important for a POS to have an optimized app experience, even when it comes to supermarkets, as Australians have become accustomed to ease and convenience.

“Now we face another challenge – the threat of a recession. While shopping in supermarkets is seen as a ‘necessity’, even department stores could face challenges as inflation rises and the purse strings are tightening”.


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