World War 3 Steam Download Problems Acknowledged

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 30, 2022

World War 3 is uniquely a multiplayer game that lives up to the saying “all is fair in love and war” as players can use all the tools at their disposal to win the fight.

Yet gamers have also reported a number of issues with the video game such as Mistake ‘[151] Something went wrong’, poor audio quality, invitations not workingand the website is not working to name a few.

Problems downloading World War 3 on Steam

Now, many World War 3 players have recently started experiencing issues on Steam where the game takes way too long to complete the download process (1,2,3,4,5,6)


As a result, players were unable to play World War 3. Some claim to have waited more than 10 hours, but the progress of downloading the game is still far from over.

Players claim that it is not due to slow internet connection as they have tried to download other games and generally the speed on their side is pretty good.

The download is slow as hell. Why are you using a p2p launcher instead of the Steam server? We tried to download it for hours and gave up. Bad start for this game.

Are you kidding me? 3 days to download with a third-party connection? I have a pretty fast internet connection, this will download in minutes, I won’t be there batch downloading! Get serious and put this on Steam like any other game!

Others have reported that when they try to add the game to their Steam library, an error is displayed and the download does not start. This happens even after several attempts.

Unable to download or add to my Steam library Hey guys, is the game available to download now? When I click upload nothing happens and when I try to add my library I get an error. An idea?

Official recognition

Fortunately, World War 3 support acknowledged these download issues and said they were working on a fix. However, they did not share an ETA for this.

WW3 recognized

Admittedly, we haven’t found any workaround that can help you temporarily fix World War 3 download problems on Steam. You will have to wait for the developers to come up with a permanent solution.

We’ll keep an eye out for the latest developments on this issue and let you know if we find anything relevant by updating this story.

To note: We have more such coverage in our dedicated games sectionso be sure to check that out as well.

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