WorldRemit launches transfer tracking app

WorldRemit, one of the world’s leading digital payments companies, has launched the WorldRemit Transfer Tracker mobile app for money transfer recipients, which allows them to track their remittances.

The WorldRemit Transfer Tracker app is now available through the Google App Store in Nigeria, India, Mexico and Colombia. It will also be free to download through the App Store in 90 countries on iOS and Android later this month.

Consumer studies show that financial insecurity is at an all time high. WorldRemit works tirelessly to increase transparency and support users by facilitating access to financial services. Thanks to WorldRemit’s proprietary technology, every user can now track the money sent to them, giving them extra peace of mind when they need it most.

“Whenever I have the chance to speak to our customers, they always remind me of the three reasons why they chose our service: convenience, speed and security. I am delighted that we have launched a service exclusively for our customers who receive money from family and friends. By developing the Transfer Tracker app, we hope to empower money transfer recipients to access their funds in the most convenient and secure way possible. This remains a guiding principle for us as we continue to provide an end-to-end, inclusive money transfer service,” said Stephen Lovell, Chief Product Officer at WorldRemit.

The Transfer Tracker app has a “track my money” feature, which allows recipients to see exactly where their funds are in real time for added peace of mind. According to the World Bank’s Global Findex 2017 database, 1.7 billion adults worldwide do not have a bank account or an account with a mobile money provider. The majority of financially excluded people tend to live in rural areas or places with limited access to reliable transport, which often means they have to travel long distances to city centers. For those dependent on the financial support of loved ones abroad, visiting cash pick-up agents is often the only option available to them.

WorldRemit is one of the first companies in the global payments industry to launch a Transfer Tracker app exclusively for recipients. The digital payments company allows senders from 50 countries to send money through the app or website to recipients in over 150 countries and can choose from several payment methods, including bank deposits, wallets mobile phones, mobile airtime recharge and cash withdrawal.

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